Data Centres & Business Continuity Case Study

Data Centres, with multiple facilities with large server suites as well as Business Continuity Companies who offer a complete package for major businesses who suffer catastrophic building or technology failures, have the need for a full back up from their facilities company.  Multiple sites around the country provide the latest communication and technology solutions for both large & small businesses.

First in Service have a long history in this field with several major operators, supplying resident engineers who carry out all day to day service requirements, from cutting the grass to monitoring CCTV, servicing heating and the critical cooling systems, managing water hygiene, lift maintenance and reception duties.

A major part of these works is design & replacement of the critical cooling systems for the server rooms, which are essential to the business, as well as our engineers providing round the clock  maintenance, often with resident staff.

Our contracts department have many years experience of this work, designing & installing cooling systems in a variety of cirtical areas - server rooms, to ensure a constant operating temeprature of 22C, whilst ensuring an environmentally aware installation. These installations vary from small DX units, right through to large roof mounted chillers providing cooling to complete buildings.


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