High Street Retail Case Study

HVAC, Catering, Electrical
The reactive service & planned maintenance of in store cooling & heating is paramount to the comfort of sales staff, and probably more importantly, the potential customer in retail outlets, and First in Service has a history of looking after several of the most well known high street names.
Instore catering is an important revenue earner for big retailers, and the service of business critical equipment has formed part of the company’s business for a number of years.
Currently, the company has contracts with several retail operators – garden centres, department stores etc. – providing service & maintenance for mechanical & electrical services, design & installation of heating & cooling , along with catering equipment service.

Latterly contracts have been won with a well known international coffee chain, for HVAC installations, as well as with a major restaurant chain, with several very well known high street brands, to look after the catering equipment, as well as reactive service for it's air conditioning and kitchen extraction systems, crucial to it's operations. Design & installation of air conditionging, in difficult high street and residential areas has led to such specialist additions as acoustic housings being supplied as well.

Retail chains, due to the long opening hours and seven day operations, have a need to monitor their energy usage.  We have sourced and installed a variety of units to help clients in their quest to reduce their energy consumption, both across the sites and for individual circuits or zones within the operation. Significant savings have been made as a result of these programmes, for example, we advised on and worked with clients to replace existing lighting with  much more energy efficient units.

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