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First in Service works with many partners, to help all our customers; in this world of energy pressures, we are constantly reminded of the need to reduce energy consumption, and one of our partners, Geyser Thermal Energy Limited, worked with our projects team on an installation for a Nuffield Health site of a heat recovery unit. This uses the waste heat from the existing air conditioning chiller to heat the water for showers to 64C , without any additional heating, as well as providing other usable heat. Overall, the installation is saving nearly £10k per annum, meaning a pay back of under two us for details and to see how we could help your organisation save money & energy. We're pleased to say that the installation has been shortlisted for an award by the Energy & Carbon Management organisation, 2 degrees network - link here STOP PRESS - this installation was awarded best Product (Best Utilities & Service) by Building Better Healthcare in their 2015 awards. Well done everyone!! Call us if you want similar help..

bbh award 2

First in Service has always offered equipment both for supply only and with  an installation package - air conditioning & heating systems, kitchen extracts etc., and has recently set up catering & refrigeration equipment supply arrangements with many major manufacturers - to support this, we can now  provide leasing packages, meaning that costs can be spread over a period of time, freeing up your capital budgets. Please call for details.

We have recently started working in the bakery sector for such customers as Astons Organic Bakery in Berkshire, and Loaf in Birmingham - we are proud to say that we have been selected by the Real Bread Campaign as an approved company to offer special discounts to Campaign supporters. The Real Bread Campaign is there to promote bread made from simple ingredioents - flour, water, salt & yeast  - no additives, no improvers etc., and has a growing voice in this popular market, spreading the word against the 'plastic' loaf, made in huge factories, and full of improvers & chemicals...the huge increase in small, often owner/operated bakeries in high streets and markets around the UK is testament to the growth in the buying public's awareness of better quality food, made with care and from just flour, water, salt & yeast...if you are a member/supporter of the Real Bread Campaign, please get in touch....we can supply you with equipment, ventilation/extraction and service & maintenance as required, all at competitive prices..


We can also offer equipment from most other catering manufacturers - refrigeration, cooking, warewashing, food preparation - let us know what you're looking for, and we'll quote you.

If you need similar services,  would like a visit or survey, or just need to chat about how we can help, please get in touch - 0121 333 3301 or email our Sales Manager - Simon Ellis - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call him on 07980 705811.

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