Reducing Energy Consumption

First in Service works with many partners, to help all our customers; in this world of energy pressures, we are constantly reminded of the need to reduce energy consumption, and one of our partners, Geyser Thermal Energy Limited, worked with our projects team on an installation for a Nuffield Health site of a heat recovery unit.


The Bakery Sector

Since starting work in the bakery sector for such customers as Astons Organic Bakery in Berkshire, and Loaf in Birmingham - we are proud to say that we have been selected by the Real Bread Campaign as an approved company to offer special discounts to Campaign supporters. The Real Bread Campaign is there to promote bread made from simple ingredients - flour, water, salt & yeast - no additives, no improvers etc., and has a growing voice in this popular market, spreading the word against the 'plastic' loaf ...


Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Experienced and reliable air conditioning engineers design, supply and install all climate control equipment.

Pre-Summer maintenance checks can be scheduled to ensure your air conditioning works correctly, always. The world’s leading manufacturers of air conditioning and heating systems award us accredited service partner status year on year.

Experienced & Reliable Engineers

Supply & Installation

Specialising in all Types of Climate Control Equipment


Pre Summer Maintenance Checks

Partnering the World's Leading Manufacturers

Exceptional Customer Service



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