First in Service team members represent you when on-site, expertly anticipating trends and matching them to your needs as the years pass.



First in Service guides you to selecting the right ventilation service then supports you throughout supply, installation, maintenance and repair.



Industrial and commercial heating should be powerful, requiring expert and excellent design, installation, repair and maintenance.



First in Service
supplies, installs and
maintains all climate
control equipment
including air
conditioning systems.



Reducing Energy Consumption

First in Service works with many partners, to help all our customers; in this world of energy pressures, we are constantly reminded of the need to reduce energy consumption, and one of our partners, Geyser Thermal Energy Limited, worked with our projects team on an installation for a Nuffield Health site of a heat recovery unit.



One Simple Solution to all your maintenance requirements

Your building and environment often determine your success as a business.

Whether your organisation is public or private, multi or single site based, you need your buildings and, the environments they create, to be designed, installed and maintained with excellent ventilation, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and catering services. That way, your team can flourish.

That’s exactly what we do for you.

However you need your environment to perform, we will adapt our award-winning and continually improving services to every inch of your business – no matter how exact and exacting your requirements.  We are able to offer all our clients reactive callout services 24/7 and planned maintenance contracts tailored to meet your specific needs. Take the weight off your shoulders. Turn facilities management drudgery into a dream by trusting First in Service to lift your building’s performance thereby leaving you free to concentrate on your core business activities.

Since 1966, we have served our customers to ensure their unique needs are met with peace of mind. Various service strands – such as Commercial catering equipment, refrigeration, heating, ventilation etc - can be delivered separately or fused into a single comprehensive, facilities management thread. No matter how niche or bespoke your requirement, First in Service will design a commercially astute solution and, where needed, a ‘one stop shop’ for complete facilities management.

Headquartered in Birmingham and the hub of the British motorway and rail networks as well as a busy airport, means First in Service specialists respond in timely ways. So whether you go for the full package, or just one service, discover what First in Service can offer your business!


Our Services

air conditioning service

critical cooling design & installation

comfort cooling design & installation

local exhaust ventillation - LEV


catering equipment service

refrigeration services

coffee machine services

electrical services



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